Tuesday, November 08, 2005

20 lbs = $324

The change jar is FULL!! That sucker was heavy too. I just had to weigh it. My DBF and I rolled it all last night (with the help of a coin sorter). We had over $324 in change. That is just what filled the coin rolls. Sorry. Had to brag.

Have you every had yarn scream at you from across the house? This is the first time that it has happened to me. I was laying in bed starting to work on my 1st Socks and I heard this call from the other room. It was the yarn that my SP sent in September. It was saying (rather rudely), "Hey! What about me! I'd make wonderful socks!" So I picked up a skein of each color, as well as my US 6 dpns, and went back into the bedroom.
OMG!! The yarn was right!! I got 10 rows done very quickly. Of course it is worsted weight, but it feels wonderful on my needles!!! Thick, warm, Harry Potter socks for me!!!
It is kind of fitting that my first gift from my first SP is used to create my first pair of socks. It is also the first yarn that I have from KnitPicks.

I am also having such a hard time knitting anything absolutely winter-related. With is being warmer than 80 degrees here, I have no motivation.

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