Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Things happen for a reason....

Summary of Rusty's vet visit:
* He is 4 - 6 years old and 36 lbs.
* One of his little tessa-ma-cles has decided to stay in his belly which makes the state required neuter (within 30 days) a little more challenging.
* He has hookworms.
* He is heartworm positive.

All of these things make me think that he was dumped, which is why he ended up on my DBF's porch. Having lost a dog to heartworms (10 years ago, before they started pushing Heartguard and Interceptor), I think that I can give this pup a very wonderful life. He is not even showing any signs of infection and is not by any means hindered by it at this time. The other boys are fine and not at risk, as they are on HW pills. First things first, lets get rid of the HWs and then we'll discuss his neutering.

AND SHAME ON ME!!! I just bought more yarn from KnitPicks. Stuff to dye and make a mess. And some striping sock yarn to make my cart over $30 (love that free shipping). I'll post it when it is done (and possibly in process). Maybe I'll make some girly sweaters for my boy dogs!!!! LoL

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