Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Not really a day off....

Yesterday the mail didn't run and the banks were closed, so I was very bored at work. Today, I took a day off. Not much of a day off though. At 9am, I stopped by the office to check on things, record rent payments and pick up the notice from the post office. Stopped by the post office to pick up a certified letter on the way to the dentist. I didn't expect to wait long there. They have their shiz-nit together. Then it was back by the office. Mom was writing a letter in response to the certified letter that I had to pick up. Stoo-pid people that don't understand that it takes money to clean up properties left in lack-luster condition when they move out - hence deposit.

Then I was off to the girly-doctor. There have been several times that I have waited an hour (past my appointment time). I figured that this would be great knitting time. I got there about 30 minutes early and they got me in quickly. I love my nurse!! She is so great!! There is also some humor sitting on the table in a gown and sheet while knitting. The thought crossed m mind, "It is so cold in here that I have to make something quickly to keep myself warm." The bright side is that I was walking out of the office by my appointment time. I hope that helps someone out later in the day by not making them wait as long.

Now I am at home eating lunch. McDonald's chicken selects are NASTY!!! Is that really chicken?? The nuggets taste way better. At least I got a free breakfast meal from the Monopoly game. I've got to call the vet to see if they can bump Rusty's appointment up so I might be able to get a nap before class this evening.

So much for a relaxng day off. Of course, I made it this way. Time to do homework.

  • Got the pieces of Ray's Slytherin scarf made last night. They just need to be seamed and the fringle attached.
  • Made the little matching hat for the carseat/stroller blanket. Both have been washed and blocked.
  • Started Shannon's Longhorn scarf.
  • Got about 10 rows done on the round-knit fingerless gloves.

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