Monday, October 10, 2005

SnB is a dangerous place...

For my wallet!!! We met at the Arlington B&N. Also had to start a new group for us "Arlington" folks. I figured we could just sum it us as a Tarrant County group. Here's the link!!
Back to the danger of SnB!! A little book-stash enhancement... As soon as a brought home At Knit's End, I couldn't put if down. Very, very funny... As Karen from Will & Grace would say, "That's funny, cuz its true". SORRY Secrel Pal!!! If you ended up getting this book, keep it!! It is great!!!! A perfect bathroom book that you will end up taking into the living room and to class.

I also brought home Odd Ball Knitting. I have a strange feeling hat I am going to have several 'oddballs' laying in my craft room, so this is an investment. There are a few projects I like, but I don't want to buy any more yarn yet. I will have to wait until I finish some other projects first so I have some yarny-leftovers.

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