Saturday, October 15, 2005

Busy FUN Saturday... PLUS PICS!!

I finished the fingerless gloves, which were my first in-the-round project. They look GREAT!!! I almost don't want to give these away, but I must!! If I kept everything that I made, I think I would have a house-full of knit items by my next birthday!! Also, look at Ed and our boy Rusty. Aren't they cute?!? My two camera-hogs!

Robyn and I spent the day working on our Halloween costumes. We turned the living room into a disaster area. It was fun and tiring stitching beads and watching season one of Sex and the City. I never had HBO, so I have never watched it before. It is pretty funny and sooooo true!!!
My KnitPicks order came today!!! Those are HUGE skeins!!! I can't wait to start playing with Kool Aid. Robyn and I went to Walmart to find some, but their selection S-U-C-K-S!!! I don't want a million colors of red. AND FINALLY, I started the head-kerchief to match Robyn's scarf that is in the planning.

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