Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

I washed my DBF's dogs (really his brother's dogs) and took them to get their shots today. Then we took Winston, the whiny basset, to my DBF's brother's house. Both are his, but Rocky doesn't like children, so he will stay here with Ed.

Later, I went to the HEB SnB. Kelly was there!! I finally got to give her the stitch markers. She also had so super cute ones that she had made!!! A new face was there also!! Very sweet!! Forgive me, as I am terrible with names!!!!!

VENTING: Its not fair that Rhinebeck in is NY. I asked Ed if we could fly up there for the weekend, but he said that we are already going to Vegas for New Years and he wanted the new Xbox 360. It was more of a fake question anyways. At least we have a the DFW Fiber Fest coming in April.

CAUTION! Another potential project! Mom and I were at Dillards shopping on Friday and we say this really cute knit hat. It was like you typical knit hat with the pom-pom, but it also had a built in scarf coming down like really long ears!!! So, so, so soft and pink! Then we looked at the price tag. $150!!!!!! I can make that for under $30!!! Maybe that is something for my Kool Aid yarn?!?! It looks like you knit the scarf pieces first and then.... Crap, I can't explain it. Maybe I can draw it in paint. Hmmmmm.....

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