Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Blue Boogers!!!

Berry Blue & Pink Lemonade

You say gross. I say, look at the yarn I colored!!!!

You know, when you are mixing your dye bath, maybe they should say, "Put the powder in last, otherwise it will go up your nose!!" This is why I had blue boogers last night. Berry blue went right up the nose.

Soaking was the boring part. That anticipation of getting ready to make a mess was killing me. So... My DBF and I went and grabbed dinner and visited with his grandparents. When we got done, he started playing Halo and I started destroying his kitchen!! Not really. I tried really hard to contain my mess and faired pretty well.

And here I am checking the dye bath. Well, my left hand, at least. Almost colorless!! And of course, the final product (so far). I bought 9 hanks from KnitPicks. I figure, use a different color or two every other night or so. It was because of this project that I actually bought an umbrella swift on eBay.

BTW - Walmart has the worst Kool Aid selection that I have every seen (red, pink, red, red, red, purple, red)!! I ended up finding most (not all) of the colors I wanted at the Albertson's by my office.

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