Monday, September 05, 2005

Time to DESTASH even more!!

Ok... I'm really going to do it this time.... I think... The big question is, how do I sort it all?? By color, or just random (what can fit in the box). I prefer to ship in the flat rate boxes, but I have a huge stash of boxes as well that aren't flat rate (from my eBay purchases). So many decisions!!!!

At least I know that I am going to destash via eBay, so I can have some moo-lah to restash (he, he, he)... I have been checking out So much that I want. So much that I don't need.

I really need to finish what is on the needles. The HP Quidditch Insp. Sweater is coming along slowly. I am still working on the front bottom ribbing. The back is done, done, done.

I added a few more blog links that I have started to read. I've been using Blog Navigator for most of them. Its pretty knifty. The only issue that I have has with it is that it doesn't like Blogdrive blogs.

ALSO: I have added a really knifty Knitting Progress graphic. You can find your own here!!!

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