Monday, August 29, 2005

BUSY Weekend

I didn't get much knitting done...

Ok... So I took Friday off of work. Robyn and I went to the new Ikea in Frisco. That place is really nifty. I found so many things that I didn't need, but they sure would look nice in my house!! Also stopped by Sam Moon and ended up picking up a Christmas present.

This weekend was Tie-Up at Eagle Mountain Lake. It's pretty much like Mardi Gras on the water. Unlike last year, Mom and I pretty much hung out by the boat while everyone else checked everything out. I also, have a new edition to my critter family. His name is Oliver, and he is a sugar glider. What a sweet baby!!! He was Robyn's last baby. After Oliver, Bug is getting neutered. Here is a pic of my new little shy-guy.

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