Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yard Full Of Tree and excuses...

Saturday, we went to 1 graduation party, 1 Christmas party and 2 birthday parties!! Lemme say, we were tired!!

I knit a lot on Sunday... I finished 1/2 of Robyn's 2008 Christmas (Pedicure) Socks. I also worked on my Vomit Shawl while watching Tivo'd Gossip Girl, CSI, and Law & Order. Oh! I also ate my Ramen with chopsticks! HAHAHAHA!!

That night, when Erik was letting the dogs in (70 degrees), he noticed that the crazy weekend wind had blown down a tree in the backyard. It wouldn't have been a big deal, except it was being held up by the powerline that runs from the pole to the house. CRAP!

Monday morning (25 degrees) the power company came out and disconnected the powerline while my grandfather and I cut the rest of the tree. It is still sitting in the back yard, waiting to be cut into littler pieces. It has been very cold and Erik doesn't get home until dark, so this is waiting for the weekend and 60 degrees.

ALSO! My step-dad is in the hospital with a collapsed lung! I guess 30 years of smoking will do that to you. I have been knitting a little bit up there. Needless to say, I can't really blog from there. I wish I could. Maybe if I had an iPhone, like my hunny... Just kidding!

Off to take Gizmo to the groomer and then to buy ink and then head back up to the hospital.

Keep an eye of my Twitter for any random updates! HUGS!

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