Friday, December 19, 2008

Progress Shots and Bent Needles

WIP: Vomit Shawl
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I have the plague and I have to finish my Christmas shopping. This sucks. I'm full of Dayquil and green tea. Robyn will be here at lunch and we will be shopping for the rest of the afternoon... or until I drop.

Last night, I gave up (for the third time) on the border specified in the pattern for my Vomit (aka Autumn) Shawl. It's not the pattern's fault. I'm using recycled silk sari yarn for the bottom edging and I kept messing it up.

So, while watching my Tivo last night, I ripped out the edging for the last time and began to just pick up stitches along the right edge. Eight stitches per square to be exact. So far, I've gotten 4 rows of garter stitch done on one side, but I plan on knitting 16 rows and then picking up the stitched on the other bottom side.

I'm also going to add a border onto the top with my super-special vegas yarn (aka Tilli Thomas Rock Star).

Oh! Did you notice my sad-looking bent needle? Don't know how it happened, but it fits my hand perfectly!

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