Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Birth Crontrol Reason #1 - not Erik

Every week, those of us in the (west-side) MINI club like to go out for a beer or five and an asshat on Wednesday. This week, we were joined by a gynormous table of half-pint-athletes. It would have been ok if (1) they were well-behaved, and (2) they weren't at a sports bar on a school night!!!

These little brats were all over the place, disturbing everyone in the first floor of this place! At one point, I got up to go outside for 5 minutes of quiet (mind you, I don't smoke anymore) and one of the DADS says "just have another beer and they will get quieter". I then replied, "This is what birth control is for!"

When I got back inside, several mothers were giving me the stank-eye from the table across the way. What-ev... I was the designated driver... I behaved...

Finally, after we tabbed out, they left. As soon as I got home, I screamed FU** as loud as I could. So did Miss A, from what she said in her board post. At least at Razzoos, they put us in our own section where we don't disturb anyone! I've even had a bartender drive my car home for me! Yes, she drives a MINI, too!

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