Tuesday, July 08, 2008

That catchup post I was talking about!

It has been crazy busy around here!

Weekend before last, we headed to west Texas for Erik's Great-Uncle Carl's 90th birthday. Plains, Texas is 15 miles from the New Mexico border and is also about 100 miles from Roswell, New Mexico. We drive to Roswell to check out the UFO Museum which (sadly) was a big joke. Sorry, but it was. BUT, the Mexican restaurant down the street made the drive completely worth it!

Since the drive out and back was 6 hours each way, I had a little time to work on some fiber-goodness. I got over half of my cover-up finished. Its going to be a little big, but that is way better than being too small. I can't wait to wear it on our honeymoon! Such a super simple project that is perfect for a beginner.

After we got home last week, my pink iPod decided to go wonky. It seems like the menu button is stuck. I asked Erik if I could get a new one and he told me to go ahead and get the big one! Seriously! I just wanted one like his, but who am I to say no to that! YAY!! New iPod that I can watch videos and TV on!

And to finish off a great weekend, we had our annual 4th of July party at the lake. We did things differently this year. Instead of setting off fireworks on the 4th, we took the boat out and watched everyone elses. Then, on Saturday, we set ours off. Mom has pictures of that, as well as, everyone in their pirate garb, because Mom wanted a cheesy pirate party. This pic is only the first trip to the fireworks stand, $300. There were $700 more that we bought later in the day.

I am off of work this week and I plan to sit on my ass in front of the Tivo with yarn. Thurday, I just might go to lunch with Robyn, but we shall see.

I'm off to be lazy! I think I'm going to take a nap now.

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Anonymous said...

Glad your trips were great. Shame that Roswell was bit of a joke.