Friday, July 25, 2008

Just what I need....

Another hobby stash!!! Yes, that is embroidery in the picture. Yes, it is Sailor Moon. I took the image from this site, Lycentia's SM Graphics. This is actually on the back of a white pearl-snap shirt that used to be Erik's grandfathers.

I am practicing so I can do one for Erik with these that I ordered from SuperCrafty.Com. Of course, my best friend's husband is a freak for pin-up girls, so I might have to make one for him to. I need to find a another shirt in my size so I can do a Japanese-inspired motif that isn't anime. I also want to embroider some kitchen towels with this sushi motif, but SuperCrafty is out of stock. SAD!

Pimp Stitch and overpriced, trendy Ed Hardy have been my inspiration.

I have finally uploaded pics of the monster truck rally that we went to last weekend. We really had a lot of fun and Dillon didn't want to leave!!!

I have never been to one, and I will definately do it again. Most of the show was with locals and their trucks going through a giant mud puddle that my MINI could make it through. It really made me wish that I had my big truck out there.

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