Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yes... the race... I'll get to that in a sec...

I got a few more pennies this weekend! My dad's wife and little brother were in town and they were staying at the new Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. That place is complete and utter birth control. They were shipping the kids in by the bus and trailer load!! This place actually has an indoor waterpark inside that is only accessible to hotel guests. Pretty awesome, if you can handle the million screaming kids. Can you tell that I am over it?

We did feed my little brother his first chocolate fondue. He loved it! I have pics on Erik's phone that I really need to post.

Now for the races. First, let me make Amy even more jealous. Erik's sister, Kim, works for Lowe's and she got tickets to the Saturday-Busch-Nationwide-Whatever race (O'Reilly 300) and invited me to go. This was the first time I have even been to that series, let alone two races in one weekend. We had a really good time, thanks to the beerz.

When I got home, I started feeling like crap. Runny nose, headache, the whole bit. I was on the fence about even going to Sunday's race. Erik and I ended up sleeping late by an hour or so, so we missed all of the Lowe's freebie. No free lunch, no free pit tour, no Jimmy Johnson. Oh well. I did, however, have an abundance of snot and tissues.

Let me just say that I should have just stayed home. That was the most boring race that I have EVER been to!! The Saturday race was the same way, but I had beerz to make that one better. The only exciting thing that happened was the green-white-checker because of DEBRIS!!!!

Sorry Amy! No Kasey pics!

I also had some custom-free-yarny-goodness come in the mail today! My yarn from the Great Yarn Giveaway arrived! It is 2-ply laceweight silk that I am calling "Yarngasm". It is taking all of my willpower to keep from casting on with this stuff! I must finish my Obama Socks first!!!


Sarah said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you liked it!

brandilion said...

Hey Heather, I did your meme. Sorry it took me so long :)

Anonymous said...

They have two of those Great Wolf Lodges in Ohio and I'd rather go to an amusement park. Cool that you got to go to both races, and sucks that you had the sniffles.