Friday, December 14, 2007

Hello Mo-Mo!

20071213 - Gizmo
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I am sick. Stopped up, head throbbing, can't get comfy, sick. I don't want to do anything but sleep. But I can't. I wish I could knit, but it makes my head hurt. Enough about me.

This is Gizmo. She is a new addition to the house. Mo-Mo was one of my mother's dogs. When Gizmo was separated from her friend Tinker, because of Tinker's back issues, she would eat through the crate. Tinker's surgery in July was when Mo came to live with me temporarily.

I took her back to Mom's and Tink's back went out again. That short trip to the vet caused Gizmo to eat the crate, again! That's when I brought Mo back to my house. Her and Cooter have always LOVED eachother.

I think Gizmo likes it better here. She gets to lay on the couch and sleep in the bed. See! She's even smiling in the picture! Seriously! That's not an underbite!

I'm off to drink some Nyquil for the slim chance that I can be well enough for Erik's company Christmas party that's tomorrow night. I bought a killer dress with killer shoes. So effin' hot!


Amy said...

Cut doggie! I hope you get better.

ahufford said...

I meant cute