Thursday, December 13, 2007


They're little, but they count!! I managed to use up the rest of my Bernat Sox in Hot Tamale. Well, almost all of it. The rest goes to Tammie. She wants to use my leftovers for her card making. Here are the details...

PATTERNS: Flourish Bookmark and Entrelac Tutorial Bookmark
YARNS: Bernat Sox (discontinued) and Mandarin Petit

Oh! My laptop is back. It was the motherboard. But, now one of my USB ports has decided not to work correctly. I'm assuming that they bumped it, just like every other time that I take a laptop in.

And finally, the Wii sold. Sorry Cat! The pattern seems to be that Best Buy (and other retailers) get them just in time for Sunday sales. (wink, wink!)

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