Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's That Time Again...

It's time for Nascar in Texas!!! My awesome Mom made sure we scored free tickets again this year!! I will be at the Dickies 500 with my knitting and Erik! You can barely tell from the picture, but that is one of the promo cars' semi truck.

I have had a crappy day week, so I decided to pick up a new game. I have been wanting to try out one of the Katamari games for a while, but I forgot about them. I will use knitting as my excuse!

I got home a little early and start playing We Love Katamari... for almost 4 hours. OOPS! There is something soothing about rolling a little ball around just to make a bigger ball. I wish I knew a little more of why I was rolling this ball of crap around, but maybe that is the smartie-pants part of me talking. The only thing that it is missing is ACHIEVEMENTS!!

I would have brought home Beautiful Katamari for the 360, but Erik really wants to buy that one for me. What a sweetie!


Amy said...

I saw that same truck heading down the Interstate like a few months ago (I think the Monday after the Allstate 400 in Indy). I was wondering if you were going to the race. Take some pictures (maybe of Kasey...tehe).

Cathy said...

oh i need that video game. i do!