Friday, August 31, 2007

Puppy love...

But not my puppies... I saw these on Stuff On My Mutt and I couldn't resist. Ironically, my mom has a dachshund and a lahso. hehehe I love Wonder Woman!

Here's a pupdate. Tinker, my mom's weenie-pup is doing great after her back surgery, but she still is on crate rest. This means that Gizmo (aka MoMoMoMoMo) has been having separation anxiety (barking in the middle of the night, tinkling in and eating her crate, etc), eventhough their crates are facing eachother. I had been taking Cooter over there, which was helping, but I can't do that everyday.

We decided that Momomo would just come and live with me until Tinker is well enough to have a crate buddy again. She is no longer tinkling in or eating the crate and she is sleeping though the night. But, I have to have Cooter sleep with her and I miss his morning snuggles already!

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