Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dragons with Halos living in the Shed!

I have been knitting! Really! I have!! I'm sure you don't want daily updates of, "I've knit 5 more rounds on the leg of my sock". If I hadn't mentioned it before, I'm using my KnitPicks Simple Stripes. If you have any you would like to sell or swap, I want it!!! I really want the purple-orange-green colorway!! Come on! Hook a girl up! I love the colors of this yarn. Why did they have to discontinue it!?!?!

I've also been working on a really kick a$$ shed for my back yard. Since my yard has a huge valley that runs diagonally across, we have spent most of the week making a level pad area . Lots of sweat. Now we actually get to put it together. This isn't going to go smoothly because it was the display, so parts are going to be missing. I printed up the directions from the website, but now the sky has opened up and this wet stuff is falling!Oh! The 360 has returned. Well, not the one we sent in. I really think it is a NEW console! The manufacture date it August 8, 2007. YAY! Not even a month old! Now I can play games and I don't have to share! For the first time, I picked up Halo 2 and started to play it in campaign mode! Why not. I figure I should start actually learning how to play, since that is all Erik does. I used to really suck at it, but since I've been playing other games and getting used to the dual thumbsticks, I figured I would try it again. I think Erik really liked me yelling at him, "What do I do next?"

He won't hear that for a while, though. Blue Dragon was released today and I think this will be occupying my time for a little while.

I luvs me some Japanese RPG.

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