Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Shoes for Socks!

Robyn and I took a little, naughty trip to Old Navy last week and I finally found some shoes to show off my socks! Even better... They were on clearance for HALF PRICE!!! So, I got a pair in black and a pair in silver.

I really wanted some shoes that were cute that I could also wear with all of my hand-knit socks. I have a pair of pink ballerina flats that I bought a year or two ago that gave me blisters when I was sock-less. A month or two ago, I wore them with these socks and they looked great! that is what lead to me getting two more pairs of girlie, ballerina flats... aka Shoes for Socks!

Did I mention that I finished some more socks?

FINISHED: 16 July 2007
YARN: Hill Country Yarns - Instant Gratification Sock Yarn (Blue Bonnet)

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Amy said...

How cute!!!!!