Monday, July 09, 2007

MAKE it with Fiber!!

I just saw these on the MAKE Blog. On the left, we have a flat screen tv quilt. Erik could really used one for his tv at his house. Just to keep the dust off!! And on the right... For those who can't/won't pay for the real thing, a knit iPhone!!

Yup. I started more socks. Instant Gratification socks. In Bluebonnet.

They were started Saturday night when I separated the hank into two equal-ish balls of yarnie-yarny goodness. That is when I figured out that I didn't have aluminum US 5 or 6 dpns. I only had bamboo. So no actual knitting occurred Saturday night. Just laundry and Ebay listing creation.

On Sunday, I realized (again) that I have a wonderful boyfriend. He actually put down his video games to take me to Joanns to buy aluminum US 5 and 6 dpns. Of course, he was out of Dr Pepper and needed to go to the store anyways, but he still went into Joanns with me!!

When we got home I cast on and proceeded to knit HALF OF A SOCK!!! By the time I put it down last night, I had successfully completed the foot, heel and two rounds of the leg!! Now I am thinking of what to do with the leg. Should I just stick with 2x2 rib or throw a cable or two in there?

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Amy said...

oh, I've seen that iPhone cozy - and I can't wait to see your socks.