Wednesday, July 11, 2007

E3 on G4TV...

So since they have closed E3 to everyone except industry insiders, G4TV decided to broadcast it live! How cool!! Or so I thought...

Erik and I really enjoyed watching last year's E3. It was a little edited, but not bad at all. G4 was very prepared for it. It was very enjoyable to TiVo and watch.

But... That was last year. Last night, Erik and I made sure we were ready to watch the Microsoft presentation that G4 was airing live. We were really excited! Like, screaming across the house "2 MINUTES!" until it started.

Those two minutes turned into 32 minutes because G4 tried to give a sportscast-like intro with commentary on what Microsoft might unveil. Ok, fine. I can deal with that. It wasn't bad, except it seemed put together at the last minute.

FINALLY! The presentation started... I was really interested in the new "Scene It" and controller that was planned for this year!! And then... COMMERCIAL! Right in the middle of the presentation. Now, is it me? Or did Microsoft say they were going to stop for commercials. NO! When they finally brought it back to the show we got to see the last second of the Mass Effect trailer!! WTF! That is one of the MAJOR releases for this fall.

They went to commercial a few more times during the 75 minute presentation, cutting away from other trailers and parts of the presentation. You think they, G4, would have planned for a continuous presentation. It seems at past E3s they still had the main presentations for each developer so, at least that one element wouldn't change.

Also due to commercials, I missed the Blue Dragon demo and part of the Call of Duty 4 trailer. MORE GAMES that I really wanted to see!! Heck, I just found the article about Blue Dragon on Xbox.Com, while writing this!!

To top it off, G4 ended up CUTTING OFF THE NEW HALO 3 TRAILER!!!!!! Are you friggin' kidding me! Why were we watching it in the first place?!?!

I seriously hope when I get home, the presentation is waiting for me to download on Xbox Live Marketplace along with Golden Axe and Sonic.

I'm at work now, watching for the Nintendo presentation, which I am sure G4 will fu... mess up this one also.

In summation, it seems that G4 is seriously forgetting about what made them what they AREN'T today. Screw Street Fury and the cool stuff that they are airing. We love our anime and X-Play!! Go back to your roots G4, where the Screen Savers ruled and showed us how to take over the world with Wi-Fi!!!

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