Friday, May 25, 2007

You call that a finale!?!?

Tonight, I am trying to to enjoy an evening of Tivo. Erik is out on the town, doing the bachelor party thing. No, not for him. The Cursed Sweater would be finished if it was. Back to the rant....

So, I am enjoying my knitting while watching the season finale of CSI. Yes, they find the "Miniature Killer" but they still leave you with a friggin' cliff hanger. I was a little irked, but no biggie, right?

I just brush it off and turn on the ER finale. I didn't think that they would leave me hanging. Well... They did. Now I am mad. Poor Ray. My eyecandy. I hope they bring him back. I wanted to cry.

I expected this from Heroes, but at least it left you with a feeling that that part of the story was finished and the next chapter was beginning. This finale was bad-ass wasn't it!?!?

At least I am on the simple stitch pattern on Kia Kia. Seventeen rounds of *Yo, K2tog*. It is so pretty with the order. I will be sure to post a picture when I get a chance. I am on my last ball of the SWS. My Joann.Com order hasn't arrived yet. I just checked the website and it hasn't even shipped. It is still processing... Should I consider this another cliff hanger?? I think so...

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