Monday, May 14, 2007


So... This afghan square isn't Project Spectrum, but I really liked the bunny!! Especially since I made it a PINK bunny!!! The chart is the April Block of the Month (May 7 & 8, 2007) from the Knitting Pattern A Day 2007 calendar. The border is a little big, but it can make up for one or two of those accidentally-small squares.

PINK #2!! Gamestop had a special going on where you trade in your Old-Skool DS and you get a new DS Lite for $60. I couldn't resist, since they had a PINK one!!! The screen so SO MUCH LIGHTER and BRIGHTER plus the stereo audio is way more stereo!!! Even Erik said he thought it was a good deal!!

I really didn't knit much over the weekend. I blocked this square, played Pokemon, took Mom to dinner and a movie, and went to lunch with the family for Mother's Day. Erik was is Chicago, moving his sister back to Texas. OH! I did go to the monthly meeting. Those guys are so nice!!! I even saw the best vanity license plate!!!

And for this week's Nascar KAL totals...

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Amy said...

The DS Lites are nice aren't they? I really like that square.