Monday, April 16, 2007

I didn't score tickets and I didn't even get to watch the race. I had to go to a wedding. Who in their right mind would schedule their wedding on race day!?!?! Crazy people!

I got a **few** points this week. I think I have officially destashed all of my fabric. Now I have a clean start. I can start filling those drawers back up! LoLOver the weekend, I knit a few rounds on the Dreambaby Sock #1 and I also finished the first diamond on my Argyle-Flip-Flop-Sock #1.

Robyn really liked her Emerald Bracelet that I made her!!!

Happy 24th Birthday Robyn!!!! YAY!!!

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Amy said...

It was a good race there in the end. Upseting that Dale Jr. or Stewart didn't do better. I can see Robyn wearing that emerald green color.