Friday, January 05, 2007

WARNING: Crappy Camera Phone Pics

So... It has been 5 days since my last cigarette. It has been fairly easy... Fairly... Well...

Erik and I have set some ground rules. We have the option of a Time Out, where we go to different rooms for 5 minutes and not talk (or yell). Time Out has not been used... yet.

On the first, I started a pair of socks on the first after I finished the Barf Scarf. So far, they have helped with me "working through" what little cravings I've been having. These socks will now be known as my Thank You For Not Smoking Socks.

Did someone say Project Spectrum? I thinking about working on a Log Cabin Blanket with the colors of the month. Maybe use up some of that KnitPicks Wool of the Andes sampler that I bought over a year ago! LoL This, of course, will be worked on with other projects.

Since this girls haven't been posted lately, they wanted to show you that they are having a Smoothie Day!!! Mimi wants to try all of them, but she still has to share.

BTW - Can you tell that I left the camera at work? That is why you get flashlight-cellphone pics! LoL

This was supposed to be in our Christmas stockings this year, but it didn't make it here in time. Yummy, Hill Counrty Yarns Instant Gratification Sock Yarn in Saw 'Em Off (er, Hook 'em) and Gig 'Em, as well as, Chocolate Covered Kisses. YUM!!! Can't wait to knit with this stuff!!

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