Thursday, January 11, 2007

S-C-O-R-E!!!! (nerdy post)

On Tuesday, we had to trash out one of our rent houses because the tenant had moved. It looked like they had NEVER cleaned the house in the three years that they were there. The toilet seats were so brown (originally white) that they were using those toilet seat covers that you see in public bathrooms. Don't even ask about the showers. It looked like they never vacuumed, which ruined the carpet. About a dozen trash bags in the back yard that had been there for a while. The list goes on.

We took three truck loads of bagged trash that day, and bagged up a couple more and left them in the garage. We didn't even get to two of the bedrooms. Soooooooooooo gross!!!! Did I even mention all the furniture that was left?? I won't go there.

You may be wondering what the big score was. As I was bagging trash in the master bedroom, I came across a bag behind an open closet door. In that bag was a Nintendo 64 with a couple games and controllers, AND... THIS, with the power supply/charger!!!!
There were other parted out computers in the house, so I figured that this laptop had a chance. I opened it and turned it on. It powered up!! "Operating System Not Found" is fairly easy to fix. It just needed a hard drive. After I installed WinXP, I also had to get a new Wireless G Cardbus, so I could update to SP2. There was no ethernet (RJ45) plug. I also have RAM on order.

Erik has already claimed it for his house. It is pretty much the same age and setup as the tower that I build for his house, but it will take up WAY less room. His tower is going to go to his grandparents house, since their's crashed (Win 95/98). I could just fix it, but I think Erik's tower would work a lot better for what they want to do. Plus, it is running WinXP.

I'm off to decide whether to fork out the $75 for a DVD/CDRW combo drive for the rent-house-score. Now that I think about it, lemme see how much I have spent. Hard Drive $75 + Wireless Card $35 + RAM $35 = TOTAL $145. So... A $150 laptop... Not bad!!!

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Amy said...

Nice! Thanks for that! Oh, the strata is exactly like super saver - I haven't finished it yet to wash it. But I bet it will get soft.