Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My camera is missing!! Well... I think I left it at Erik's house, so I will post pics tonight or tomorrow.

Exciting video game news... Level 5 has announced Dragon Quest IX for the DS!!! YAY!!!! Of course, the site is in Japanese, so I can't really read it. You can get some info at Slime Knights, which is an excellent English site for all of the Dragon Warrior/Quest games.

I gave Madi her bunny hat and it was too small!! She has such a big head (even her mom says so)! Oh well. I also tried the in-progress-hat for Hunter and his head was to big also!!! So Hunter's hat will be reworked into a hat that will fit Madi. I will post the pics of Madi in her bunny hat as soon as the camera reappears.

My final was a pain!!! Our teacher said we could use one sheet of paper (no perforated) for our 'cheat sheet'. He even said he didn't mind us using fax-roll type of paper. Sooo.... I created a HUGE 2 x 3 sheet with help from Kinkos!!! We had a back-up just in case he wouldn't let us use it, but that wasn't needed. He let us use the HUGE CHEAT SHEET!!!!!! It was so funny!! We got a few comments from other people in the class, but they were more funny than bad!

More tonight (I hope)!

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Amy said...

that sucks! How many questions did you have to do? Mine was cake and I totally had blanked on an easy one. Are you doing a happy dance yet? I am.