Friday, November 10, 2006

So touching...

As I was reading blogs today, I came across this post. It is a couple of days old but please take a look. Of course, most of you read The Boogie Knits, but I felt obligated to share it any ways. In the post, there is a link to Grammy's Afghans.

From the site:
"If you've been following the blog, you know Gram has had a stroke. She can't read anymore and has had to give up many of her other activities. Thankfully she can still crochet. So crochet she does. When I visited her to take these photos, there were at least 40 of them on the shelf in her stash closet.
We'll continue to buy her yarn and will if none of the sell. It's not a huge deal except to Gram. She worked up until her stroke this spring. Sure it was for my Mom but I know she misses earning some of her yarn money herself."

I felt I had to share this because I am lucky enough to still have one of my grandmothers in my life.

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