Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's been a while!! (long w/ pics)

I've been busy around the house and seeing my handsome little brother (dad, too)!! Not in that order of course. I finally got the guys over to the house yesterday to trim my over-grown trees, as well as, install my new oven and other piddlie stuff!! YAY!!! After a year and a half, I finally have an oven that works and has oven racks!! HUD houses are notorious for missing the oven racks, and my house was a HUD house.

There is now a giant pile of brush, cut and bound, in front of my house! It is so tall that I can't see my mailbox from the house!!!!! Now I just have to wait for the cabinet doors to be returned. We had to make the space a little taller for the oven, since my old one was such a weird size.

After that was all said and done, Robyn and I went to get our nails and pedicures done for her wedding. I finally convence Erik to get a pedicure, as long as I didn't bring the camera. I am such a liar!I know he doesn't look really happy in the first picture, but after it was done, he said that it wasn't bad at all!!! PLUS he feet are so soft now and he can't claw me with this toe nails!!

When we got home, I finished my Kureyon Scarf!!!! This yarn is so YUMMY, that I could just eat it, and I almost did!!! I really thought the brown in the yarn would be really ugly with the other colors, but it fits right in and looks lovely!!! It is even almost symmetrical at the ends!!! I made sure that I got back in town just in time on Sunday to get to the yarn store for one more ball!! That ball was almost a perfect match to the first ball that I used!!

I think now I am in the mood for another pair of socks, but lets just see what yarn speaks to me!

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