Thursday, August 31, 2006

2/3 of Sandi's Scarf

My Noro Kuyreon spoke to me yesterday. It actually spoke AND sent signs!! It does not want to be a bias scarf.

I was checking out my LYS's website, SimpaticoYarns.Com and I found this lovely free pattern (look at left menu and click 'free patterns') called Sandi's Scarf. It calls for Noro Silk Garden, but I didn't have it, so I just printed out the pattern and placed it in my scarf pattern binder.

Later, I went over to Simpatico for some US 7 Addi's for my Inca Alpaca Irish Hiking Scarf and Wristwarmers (the yarn doesn't like my Boye needles) and a lady came in with her version of the scarf that I had just seen and printed. She was using a more tweedy-varigated yarn, but it was even cooler in person! So I listened to the questions she had and decided that is what my Kureyon should be.

The one in the store was a little wide for my taste, so I reduced the stitches and pattern rows by 1/3. 88 rows later, you can see what I have. My modified pattern has 27 stitches, 16 rows of border, 10 rows of mistake rib, and 10 rows of garter. The pattern repeat is the mistake rib and garter. My guess is that I will knit until I run out of this ball and then just use that as a measurement for the second ball and when I need to end it.

So far it is STUNNING!!!

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