Monday, July 03, 2006

Enough with the short-row heels!!

After about 4 hours of trying to figure out short-row heels, I have given up!!! UnHappy Sock #1 still has a complete foot, but #2 has been frogged and reknit so much that I had to frog down to the middle of the foot to get everything sorted out!!! ACK!! Maybe I should take a class. Of course, I like having a heel-flap. Oh well... Just venting!!!

On the bright side, the sweet and wonderful stray kitty that we have been feeding at my boyfriend's house had kittens this weekend. BIG, healthy kittens. She likes me so much that she will actually let me fuss with them!! I will post a pic in a few days. All are solid white like momma, except for one that has just one light grey spot on the top of its head. So, so cute!!!

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