Monday, April 17, 2006

What a weekend!!

Here is the list for this past weekend.

* Paint my vanity chair
* Install dummy knobs & hardware on my French doors (finally, after a year)
* Clean up my front porch
* Podcast #2 (maybe)
* ADD: Hang bird feeder

I think I did pretty good. A two hour nap and a friend's dog having puppies kind of figured into everything as well.

Lookie!!! I even have pictures!!!
Robyn's birthday was this weekend too!! We ate sushi and then went out to that Trendy Club again. Since Erik was out of town I didn't have too much fun, but I had a little. Of course, I spread Easter between Erik's family and my family.

My little brother still hasn't appeared!! He was due last Thursday, but no such luck! They are planning to induce this Friday, so I will be in Tyler all weekend!! Woo hoo!! Little bro on the way!!!

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