Friday, April 14, 2006

Knitting withdrawl!!

It has been such an insane week. Well...first let me tell you a little about my family/work life. I am in property management. Not only that, I work with my mother and my grandfather. It is the family business that no one thought I would like, but I absolutely love it. Its really nice to say, 'Hey, I have a doctor's appointment!' or 'I have a test tonight, can I take off a little early to study?'. Of course it helps that I also have a LYS right next door (Simpatico Yarns).

Ok, back to my insane week. Mom has been out of town since last Thursday, so I have been taking care of the properties she manages. Not a big deal. But managing her properties, my properties, taking care of monthly statements, having an eviction, and doing a few walkthroughs can wear you out!! Of course, the evening I posted the podcast and then also the test we had in Art Appreciation. I've wanted to knit, but I have been so tired!!

Erik took today off so he could visit his buddy, Dave, in Conroe (Houston). They are probably going to spend the weekend avoiding the shower and playing video games until dawn. At least he will be back on Sunday. This means I can watch the Tivo and knit until my hands fall off!!!

Tonite, I am going out for Robyn's birthday. Tomorrow, I do have a few projects planned.
* Paint my vanity chair
* Install dummy knobs & hardware on my French doors (finally, after a year)
* Clean up my front porch
* Podcast #2 (maybe)

Sunday, it is Easter. I will be going to see Erik's family for lunch (without him, punk) and my family for an early dinner.

Oh!! Saw this on Knitterista's blog, so I made my own!! Make yours at: Collage Machine 1.0.

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