Thursday, April 20, 2006

Oh, Brother! Where Art Thou?

No little brother yet!! Come on, little boy!! I'm sure Tammie is loving the drugs, but you gotta come out sometime!!

If he hasn't decided to come out by noon-ish, they are planning to do a c-section. So I really won't be missing much when I get out there this weekend.

Dad and Tammie still won't tell anyone what his name is!! Dad gave me a hint, but I still can't figure it out!! I know his middle name is going to be William, only because that is my Dad's middle name and I was going to be Ryan William if I was a boy. I am just waiting for the phone call.

I will post pictures as soon as Dad sends them to me!!
I have completed the heel flat on Erik's Jaywalker #2. I plan on actually turning the heel today at work and doing the gussets this evening. I am so ready to finish this sock! I think I say that in every post, LoL! As much love as I have put in it, it should have knit itself!! The girls at SnB Ft Worth said it perfectly, "Wow! What a big sock!"

I'm lucky Erik doesn't have a size 13 foot!! It's only a 10 (or 10 1/2), but it's still a guys foot!! I buy guys tennis shoes (b/c they are more comfortable for me) and I wear a 6 1/2 in boys/mens.

I've decided, next time, he is getting worsted weight socks!!!

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