Tuesday, April 18, 2006

At least I'm not knitting a sweater!!

[please listen to Ep 02 of my podcast to understand the title]

It is freakishly hot here in DFW. Sunday, while I was driving out to the lake house for Easter lunch/dinner, the car said it was 101, but I didn't believe it. It was very hot (especially without a/c), but I think I was in denial. 60mph with the windows down can play mind games with you.

Yesterday, I knew it was really hot. For work, I have to do a little local driving to the banks, to pick up dog food for mom, to the post office, and the occasional trip to Joanns. This is no fun without a/c because I'm not driving 60mph, and I swear I hit every single traffic light and have to sit in the heat with no circulation of air. We didn't just break the record high for yesterday, we shattered it!!

What was worse, when I got home and finally got to take a nap, the black-out hit my house/neighborhood. I had just fallen asleep when the power went out. This wouldn't have disturbed my sleep, except I have an alarm on my house. When ever the alarm doesn't have power, the trouble alert beeps...every...five...to...ten...seconds. It is quite loud and annoying (especially without the tv or a/c on), so I didn't get to finish my nap before class.

Tonight, it is my plan to knit. Erik has class until 7:30 and I'm sure he will play Halo after that. This will give me time to finally get the leg finished on his Jaywalker #2. That is my goal. I really hope to surpass that and get the heel flap done, but we will see.

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