Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Evil bookstore!!! Not really..

I cast on, knit and got half the ribbing completed on the first body piece of MK Tubey II yesterday afternoon. Let me just say that ribbing on the Bond is a little bit of a pain in the....back. The machine only knits stockinette (or reverses stockinette). You then have to intentionally drop the stitch that you want ribbed and then latch it up manually. Now I know why the Bond ribbers are selling for $900 on eBay!!!

I also went to the group formery known as Fort Worth Stitch N Bitch (now FWKnits) last night! I had a ton of fun!! I even got to touch and downright fondle a complete Jaywalker sock!! Only three of us there, but we knew we were the coolest ones in the restaurant because we all had 'cool' black glasses on!! LoL Can't wait to see you girls again!!

AND I decided I had to change the name of the Tarrant County group, just in case Yahoo decided to delete it with no notice because of the SnB 'scandal'. It is now Tarrant County Knitworking. Get it? Knitworking = networking?? Aren't I do clever!! LoL

Oh!! The evil bookstore?!?! I popped in to Barnes & Noble this morning to get SnB Nation. Well, I walked out with 'SnB Nation', Yarn Harlot's 'The Secret Life of a Knitter', and 'The Knitting Answer Book'. That is why they are evil!! They have such a great selection of books that I don't have yet!!!! Maybe that isn't such a bad thing, after all.

You know, I have never thought about why I read knit-blogs until Eunny posted this. I'm not much for blog-drama either. The reason that I love to read knit-blogs is because I L-O-V-E the inspiration that they give me! I can go to someone's secret little knitting space and see what they have finished this week or see how they fixed a mistake or even conquered their first sock!! I also love to see what other Secret Pals have gotten!!

Everyone please keep posting and making my life a little more colorful and my knitting inspired!!

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Lisa said...

I'm very interested in the hem/weight you are using with your Bond. Did you buy it somewhere or are there instructions to make one? It looks like it would be easier to deal with than hanging the hem the traditional way.