Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wow! What a weekend!

Now that I am awake (and far less grumpy)!! I will never ride in an extended cab pickup with 4 other (5 total) people for 12 hours each way!! I refuse!! I am one of those people who can't sleep sitting up. I was grumpy when I got there and grumpy when I got home.

We did have a ton of fun, though!! It was a shame that there was very little snow to play on. Normally there are several feet on the ground, which means that you can go pretty much anywhere. This time around we were pretty limited to where we could go. We even had to go over bare spots to get to some of the decent places.

I did wear my 1st Time Sock Knitting KAL socks while I was up there. The handmade Wool of the Andes socks were way warmer than the other store-bought snow socks were (and thinner too!). I also wore my Weasley sweater over my thermals for two days. So I was warm from top to bottom!!

I also worked on Tubey. I know the KAL doesn't start until January 15th, but I really wanted to have something fun to knit while I was in Colorado. What could be better to be knitting by an old Franklin stove and looking at the beautiful winter scenery outside. I almost have the first sleeve finished. It sure did make the long car ride home a lot more tolerable.

Yesterday, after my much-needed nap, I decided that I needed to do something about my poor, favorite sweater. This was my favorite American Eagle sweater. I pretty much wore it until holes started forming. Even then, I made small repairs during it’s life. Finally, a large, unrepairable hole appeared on one of the arms. It was them that I decided to take this sweater apart and give it a new incarnation.

The seams were felted, so I couldn’t get them apart. I ended up just cutting it into sections and ripping it out piece by piece. I then tied each piece together leaving a 1 inch tail at each join. I figure this will give a plain old scarf some personality.
Right now, the yarn, formerly known as sweater, is soaking in the bathtub, getting a good soaking before it is balled up and knit.
As you can tell, I have had, yet another, fun-filled weekend. I really need a break. I just want to sit on my couch (or in my bed), knit and watch my neglected Tivo!!

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