Monday, January 16, 2006


It was so nice to see a few sprinkes this morning! It hasn't rained in months, so the few drops we got sure are welcome. I am really hoping for a good rainy day (preferably on a weekend). I enjoy being able to open the windows a little and let the cool, fresh air in the house, as well as listen to the rain. Of course, as I am writing this, the sun is coming out.


And why is it, when I go to the LYS they are closed!?! LoL BOTH of my favorite LYSs are closed on Monday!! It's not fair!! I wanted to go buy some roving for my Secret Pal (and maybe a little something for myself). When I walked over there, they were closed!!!


On the bright side of things, I am almost done with the color section on the second sleeve of Tubey. I also might head of to Joanns to see what kind of knitting doo-dads that they have and I don't really need. Maybe I will find some way to clean up my craft room. I have been holding out on a significant furniture purchase because sometime in the future, there might be someone's furniture moving into the house. At least that is the plan. Murphy's Law: As soon as you purchase a bedroom set, another one will want to move in. Oh well! Hey!! Did I mention, I'm almost done with the sleeve of Tubey?


And for those who asked about where we were in Colorado! We are close to a small mining town (now a resort) that is only open in the summer. In the winter, we drive as far as they plow the roads and then we ride in for another hour on snowmobiles. SO MUCH FUN!

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