Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Secret Pal 7 is here!!!

It is time for Secret Pal 7!!! I have already signed up!! I can't wait to spoil someone that will really appreciate it!! Hopefully my SP7 person will actually post on their blog!! My SP6 person has posted a whole 4 times from Sept 26 until now!! No pictures and only one mention of SP6 goodies.

On the other side of that coin, my Secret Pal was awesome!! She really spoiled me!!! Thank you again Amy!!!! I accidently stumbled upon her blog while surfing the SP6 Participants list. Oops!! It was kind of nice to know where my goodies were coming from. But the mystery was also exciting.

The best part of being a Secret Pal is that I have an excuse to stop by my LYS, even if I don't personally need anything!! The better part is I get to buy TWO of what ever I find!! LoL

ALSO!!! Check out Ishy Knits!!! It's great to find a HarryPotter-Knitting-AnimalCrossing loving blogger!!! You can find us on Animal Crossing Community. I have really enjoyed reading Ishy's blog!!

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