Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Of course I have have to pick a title that will point the porn seekers to my blog!! LoL

Last night, my DBF and I have our Math final. YUK! That class has really put a strain on our relationship. We think totally different and we get mad at eachother when we can't understand what the other one is trying to explain. BUT, it's done, at least for a month.

To celebrate, we went up to Hooter's to grab a beer and dinner. Robyn, Ray, and Uncle Nasty (Shannon) also graced us with their presence. The crab and shrimp were great!!! After R&R left, I ended up pulling out the little project I started while my DBF finished taking his test.

I was knitting at Hooters!! LoL The funny part was that our waitress was so curious about what I was knitting and what I have knit in the past!! It was great!! The boys really liked the fact I could get the waitress to hang out longer so the could look at her.....well, you know.

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