Thursday, December 01, 2005

Robyn's Sweater Repair

I took a break from my current projects to repair a sweater for Robyn. This was really an excuse to buy more yarn, but we won't tell my DBF that. Off to Simpatico I go. All the way around the corner from work. I begin to look at yarn to fix the little hole. The sweater is an angora/nylon blend. No angora at Simpatico. Ok. Then I found some alpaca that would definately work. It was the right color and texture (and SUPER SOFT). Did I mention that this was my first alpaca purchase?

I brought it home and fixed the hole. It only took me an hour and a half and I didn't do that bad of a job considering that I recently completed my first pair of socks. At least there is no longer a gaping hole in the shoulder. Robyn was happy that she got her sweater back and she could wear it again!

I did notice something after I was done. I pulled out my pink and purple American Eagle sweaters (same kind as Robyn's). Mine are made out of a larger gauge yarn, close to worsted weight. Robyn's is made out of almost fingering weight. I machine wash my sweaters, she hand washes hers. Maybe American Eagle's sweater team didn't stay consistant when purchsing yarn.

Now I have a small ball of alpaca to make some more socks or something else.

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