Sunday, November 27, 2005

Weasley... Shmeasley...

I finally broke down and started my own Weasley Sweater!! With Ed still out of town, I found myself bored, yet again. I dug out this pattern from my to-do pile and began working on the back. Before I knew it, the back was done. Large, flat pieces go so fast on my USM. I figured, that I might as well run up to work for my intarsia keyplate so I can complete the front. That took me a little longer.
It was about 8pm when I finished with the front. I checked my sweetie's flight info and his flight was running about an hour late, so I figured I could get at least one of the sleeves done, which I did. I checked the flight status again and he was now running an hour and a half late, so I started the other sleeve.
Ed's flight was two hours late from Houston to DFW! At least, I only lack 2/3 a sleeve, ribbing, and seaming!!!

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