Monday, December 26, 2005

Knitty / KnitPicks Conspiracy

Since I am almost done with Robyn's Christmas socks (late), Knitty's Tubey has been calling. I came home today and brought out the basket of my KnitPicks yarn. I wanted to pick the perfect color combination.
DAMN YOU KNITPICKS for brainwashing me into buying that sampler!! Just kidding! I found two different combinations for this sweater that I loved!! One is bright, the other is more like the one in the pattern. So I am going to make two sweaters. I can't choose a favorite.
I ordered some more (14)Coal, (1)Hush, and (1)Rain. I also ordered a color card to get my order over $30 for free shipping (which will be $40 starting January 1st).
I think there must be a conspiracy. Great patterns from Knitty and being sucked into yarn-whore-dom by KnitPicks! I love it!!!

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