Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Obsession

I had a WONDERFUL Christmas!! I got a popcorn popper from my grandmother, which has already been used!!!

Of course, I need a big, fancy popcorn bowl now!! Who knew that a half cup of kernals would make so much popcorn?!?
I also successfully obtained an Xbox 360 for my boyfriend. He is so happy!! I only got the core system, so I had to find a hard drive, which was no easy task. But, I found that too!!! That was my big gift to give this year. He wanted it so bad. Here's the catch. It is set up at my house!! HA!! Maybe I bought it for myself and I just let him play it??
I know. What is the real reason you read this blog, right?? KNITTING!!!
Everyone spoiled me with knitting stuff!!! (Here is my DBF being goofy, while I tried to take a picture.)
Here is the whole picture of my HAUL!! A needle case, a few patterns, a GIANT yarn ball, some Moda*Dea Tutu yarn, the Pattern-A-Day calendar, free Bernat yarn, and a $100 gift certificate to Joann's!!!!

I didn't get Robyn's sock finished in time, but she understood!! I was SOOOO close!!! I made her take a picture with them on anyways.

Mom loved her scarf, too!!

Ray got his too!!!

Now, it's time for VEGAS, baby!!! We leave on Thursday, but I think I am taking the laptop!! Some 'on location' blogging??? Maybe?? I am also researching Vegas LYS's so I can say that I have yarn shopped out-of-town!! Post any suggestions in the comments!!!

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