Friday, October 21, 2005

Operating System Not Found...

My laptop crashed last night, so I might not be posting during the next week.

I AM NOT HARD ON COMPUTERS, I SWEAR!!! This laptop pretty much stays on my desk at work, unless I have homework, then it sits on a tv tray at the house.

I shut it down yesterday, and took it home. Booted it up about 10 minutes later and it wouldn't get past that stupid WinXP boot screen. It would boot in safe mode, though. I ran everything from error checking and defrag to spyware removers and virus scan. Nothing. I backed everything up on my external drive and proceeded to run the quick restore disks.

HA!!! My laptop began to mock me!! It would start working and then power off completely. So I tried again. Same thing. So I booted it without the disk. OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND. So I tried the WinXP install disk. Same thing, work a little and shut off. (Yes the power cable was plugged in.) Finally, I gave up. Off to
-Insert mega tech store name here- we go.

They take my little OS-less laptop and tell me that I should know something in about a week. Now, keep in mind, I am the person that will pay the extra $300 for the extended warranty. It has already been in three times for other things like, the cd-drive going bad (#1). During shipping for that repair, it was cracked(#2). When I got it back from that, my wireless card wasn't working(#3). This would be service tag #4. Mind you, randomly the #7 key will pop off from sitting on a desk for a week or so. Per the Lemon Policy, after 3 trips into the 'shop' I am entitled to a new laptop.

-Insert mega tech store name here-'s new insurance requires them to send it off and let them make the decision whether I get a new one. That is crap. I had to take an online practice test last night. That didn't happen. Hopefully, they will fix the issue or give me a new laptop by the end of next week.

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