Monday, October 24, 2005

I luv my Mommy

I still don't have my laptop, but my mother is letting me borrow hers. There are no fun photo editing programs on this computer, so I won't post any pics until I get my laptop back. They will be added as soon as possible.

Weekend Update ( and then some )


  • * Went to Joanns and used TWO 50% off coupons on two sets of Clover DPNs.
  • * Bought two sets of yummy Addi Turbos at The Knitting Nook and some more sock yarn.
  • * Cast on Robyn's Hat and started ribbing.

  • * Finished the ribbing on Robyn's hat.
  • * Took a THREE HOUR NAP!!!


  • * Designed and cast on Cooter's dog sweater. (It was a very chilly today).
  • * Got the head and tail feathers finished for my Halloween costume. (You will see soon enough)
  • * Frogged the dog sweater b/c I had entered metric needle sizes instead of US sizes.
  • * Recalculated and cast on Cooter's dog sweater.


  • * Completed a few more rows on Cooter's dog sweater.
  • * The UPS guy delivered my yarn for the Knit 1 Cropped Pants and MY SECRET PAL GOODIES!!!! She sent some wonderful looking chocolates, a Ghost Beanie Baby Bear, and the SnB Knitter's Journal!!!! So nice after unloading at least a half dozen toilets and sinks from the back of my grandfathers truck. (Don't ask)
  • * Designed Rocky's, Rusty's, and Haus's dog sweaters.
  • * Cast on the Knit 1 Cropped Pants.

If you notice, I actually have more than one project on the needles!!! That is rare for me. I just have so many ideas in my head right now!! I promise I will post pictures as soon as I can.

Thank you SECRET PAL!!!!!!!! You have made my day again!! I had to give Mom one of my chocolates in exchange for her laptop.

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