Monday, September 26, 2005

Stitch Marker Mania!!!!!!!!

I recently (this morning) discovered an easy way to make my own fancy stitch markers!!! So, off I go to Joanns... I had a mission; find some cool beads and other things to make stitch markers.

First, find some toggle clasps. This was fun (not). Trying to find one little bag in a sea of beads, wire, clasps, and anything else jewelry related. Finally found some fancy ones that weren't gold (yuk)! Next, find silver head pins. Check! Now for the exciting part, beads!! I found some awesome Mah-Jong tile beads and they are beautiful. I also got a small green & blue glass bead bracelet kit among some other red beads.

I get back to work (yes, work) and I make 12 stitch markers (in picture). I am now out of toggle clasps!! LoL. So while I was at lunch, I stopped by Wally-World and get MORE beads and toggle clasps. I figure I am going to make my SP a set and the girls from SnB and my knitter-to-be bud, Misty. I think I will still have a few left over that I might keep or put on eBay. Who knows.

K.... I'm going to make more of a bead mess!!!!

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