Sunday, September 25, 2005

SnB Fun!!!

Went to my first Stitch n Bitch get-together today!! So much fun!! Can't wait until the next one... This lovely groups of ladies organized this meetup as an off-shoot of the main Ft Worth SnB. There are some of us that couldn't meet on a Tuesday evening for some reason or another, so we met today at 2:30 in the Arlington Barnes & Noble. Come to find out, PJ's blog is listed right after mine in the Texas Knitters ring!! LoL

The girls also kindly directed me to Target where they have a bunch of fun little knitting items in their $1 deals area!!! I got a few things, as you can see. LoL

Each of the little books has 4 patterns in them. The covers tell you what kind of yarn they were designed for!! FuN!!!

Since I finished the Fingerless Gloves, I needed something to work on for SnB today, so I started one of the Head-Kerchiefs for my DBF's sister's Christmas present. It is really turning out to be very lovely. I plan on making a couple more for her and my best bud, Robyn. (Shhhhh.... Don't tell her, it is a secret...)

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